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Financial Report

Do you:

  • Have a personal pension fund/SIPP/Group personal pension/Stakeholder pension and would like a qualified pension specialist to review what you have in place


  • Have a QNUPS/QROPS and would like to consider transferring the servicing to Speed Financial Solutions


  • Have deferred pension benefits from a previous company or private pension scheme and you wish to consider your options


  • Have been or expect to become a non-UK resident for a minimum of 5 years


  • Want to start taking an income from your pension and have not yet purchased an annuity


  • Have total pension fund values that are likely to exceed the lifetime allowance


  • Live abroad and are worried about the tax payable on your pension fund on your death after age 75


  • Live abroad and are disappointed at being taxed automatically in the UK under PAYE on your pension income


  • Want to make sure that you are not paying too much tax on your pension income


  • Want to consolidate your different pensions and would like them to be managed by a qualified adviser

  • Live abroad and are ready to start drawing benefits from your UK pensions but need help to organise this



If ANY of the above statements apply to you contact us now for a free financial review.

At Speed Financial Solutions we have an in-house qualified Pension Specialist who will oversee the advice provided to ensure that your pensions are being appropriately managed and invested according to your wishes and attitude to risk.  We can review your existing pensions and assess whether they will provide the lump sum/income you require for your retirement in the most tax efficient way.

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