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Established in 2010, we are a business focused on delivering a high standard of advice together with first class customer service.  It sounds cliché, but I am proud to say that for us and our clients it is a reality that differentiates us from many other businesses.  In financial services, qualification levels range from level 3 (the lowest) to level 7 (the highest).  To operate in the UK an adviser must be level 4; however, in Europe the requirement is only level 3 but unfortunately this is not enforced.  Our principal is level 7. 

Because of our shared values with our clients, we are always here to help when you are navigating a change in your life, whether it’s moving to Spain, becoming tax resident in Spain, sorting out finances after the death of a loved one, looking for a better return on your savings or just making sure that you are set up as tax efficiently as possible and you are able to enjoy life and achieve your goals.

We start by assessing your current situation, looking at how tax efficient the assets are that you have in place now, and look to see where improvements can be made … it could be reducing income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and wealth tax, or it could be as simple as putting you in touch with other professionals we work with such as a lawyer or a gestor.  We guide many of our expats through the residency process and find that most people just need help to understand the tax breaks that are available to them.

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