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Do you:

  • Have savings and investments that are not offering the returns you would like


  • Like the idea of holding an investment platform and need help to set it up


  • Want to start taking an income from your investments and need help to organise this


  • Want to improve the growth on your savings and investments without being locked in for a set number of years


  • Need to take an income from your savings and investments but are concerned about eating into the capital and draining your pot


  • Like the idea of investing in collective investment funds and also being able to buy and sell stocks and shares


  • Want to consider transferring the servicing of your existing investment to Speed Financial Solutions


If ANY of the above statements apply to you, read on …

We come across many investors who are disappointed with their returns for various reasons … for some it’s a lack of interest offered by the bank or building society, whilst others are disappointed with the returns achieved by their existing investments, often feeling like nobody is actively managing their portfolio, or perhaps following a move abroad have lost touch with their original financial adviser.  Others have previously considered investments but have been put off by the thought of not being able to access their savings should they need to for a number of years without penalties.


What are your investment options without penalties?


At Speed Financial Solutions we offer a bespoke service, first considering your requirements and then researching the market to find the best solution to match your needs.   If your preference is to target investment growth without the need to consider tax efficiency, we have the perfect solution.

Our in-house qualified Discretionary Investment Manager, who is a specialist in investment and risk, will oversee the advice provided to ensure that the solution we recommend is in your best interest.


Contact us today to find the right solution for you.

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