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Wealth Management

Selecting the most suitable investment according to your risk profile:

At Speed Financial our first priority is to ensure that we understand you as a client.  This helps us to recommend the most suitable investment selection.  We are aware that each client has different needs.  Most of our clients are retired expats who have worked hard to build their wealth over their whole life and are now at a point where they want to relax and enjoy their retirement.  We take a very protective stance on behalf of our clients because for many, their main priority is to protect what they have in place right now and then look for income and growth on their savings, whilst at the same time ensuring that moving forward pensions and investments are structured in the best possible way to take advantage of any tax savings available by investing in tax efficient vehicles, sometimes specific to their country of residence.  For instance, in the UK an ISA, in Spain a Spanish Compliant Investment, and for a pension fund throughout Europe a QROPS.


Investment Strategy:

Part of the skill of an adviser is considering and evaluating different pieces of information to form a recommendation for you as a client. Properly discussing your requirements with you and checking understanding (on our part and yours!).  It involves weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of alternative solutions by making trade-off decisions that best meet your investment objectives and reflect your financial situation.  We tailor solutions to your individual circumstances using our qualifications, experience and expertise, taking into consideration:

  • Asset allocation (the process of dividing a portfolio among major asset classes, such as bonds, stocks, or cash).
  • Diversification (a risk management technique that mixes a wide variety of investments within a portfolio. It is designed to minimise the impact of any one security on overall portfolio performance).
  • Sector (a particular group of funds that specialise in the same industry or market area).
  • Liquidity (whether a fund deals monthly/weekly/daily, the liquidity of the underlying assets and the levels of cash retained within the fund for redemption requests).
  • Volatility (the amount a fund investment value moves up and down – volatility presents opportunities to buy assets cheaply and sell when overpriced).


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