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2017 in review … REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL!

2017 in review … REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL! While there were plenty of opportunities for markets to hit a rough patch last year – not least because of the UK’s ongoing negotiations to depart from the European Union (EU) and the nuclear tension between the US and North Korea – equities have just gone through […]

Emerging Markets … is the time right to invest again?

Emerging Markets … is the time right to invest again? In 2016 I wrote about the outflows from the UK and Europe of Global Investors and the buying opportunities within the UK and Europe following Brexit. Our portfolios have been re-positioned to take advantage of the tactical opportunity and our clients have benefited from the […]

Black Monday … 30 years on

Black Monday … 30 years on Those of us who are of a mature (but now very wise) age may remember the biggest one-day stock market drop in Wall Street history, 19 October 1987, better known as “Black Monday”. Markets around the world crashed, shedding a huge value in a very short time. The crash […]

Market Update September 2017

Market Update September 2017 In December 2016 I reviewed the year and its events as they had unfolded and now find it interesting to see the impact nine months further down the line. Immediately after BREXIT we saw US investors dramatically reduce exposure to European equities. For most Americans ‘herd mentality’ kicked in and now […]

Why your investment portfolio should include Index trackers!

Why your investment portfolio should include Index trackers! In 2011 there were 88,525 regulated open ended investment funds worldwide … by the end of 2016 this number had grown to 110,271! (Statista 2017) So how can you be sure that your chosen investments will outperform the index they are measured against? The answer is … […]

UK General Election 8 June 2017 … What’s ahead for the markets!

UK General Election 8 June 2017 … What’s ahead for the markets! It would seem timely to offer input in respect of the effect of the UK General Election results on the markets. The hung parliament result has further complicated the political backdrop and increased uncertainty surrounding the UK’s forthcoming Brexit negotiations. A weakening of […]

This Time Next Year Rodney 2017!

What a Year!   Markets started horribly in 2016 as the energy crisis eventually rolled into a potential banking crisis, then we had the vote to Brexit in the UK, followed by the Trump victory and then to cap it all, Renzi lost his referendum on Italian constitutional reforms!   Unchartered Territory for Investors   […]

A major increase in reporting requirements – are you ready for the new single Global Standard?

You may have heard or recently received information from your financial institution or financial adviser regarding a new initiative involving governments obtaining information from their financial institutions and exchanging data automatically with other nations. You will be forgiven for thinking that this is nothing new. However, financial institutions (and other financial entities) now have significant […]


Spain and the UK have had a double tax treaty since 1976. A double tax treaty affects you if you become tax resident in both countries at the same time, or you are tax resident in one country but have income from the other. Each country has different rules to determine residency and it is quite possible […]

BREXIT Thursday 23 June 2016

Though the UK referendum was non-binding, it is expected that the UK government will follow though and eventually leave the EU. This process can take at least 2 years, if not more. Until then, the UK will continue to abide by EU laws and agreements already in place. The Conservatives search for a new leader […]

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